Bishop Ricky and Jeannie Sinclair met in high school and were married three years later. They are the parents of Stirling and Zachary Sinclair. The Sinclairs currently reside in Baker, Louisiana. Prior to entering the ministry, Ricky worked as a successful life insurance agent in the Baton Rouge area and Jeannie was employed as the executive secretary to the Region 6 Vice President of the ICWU. Through saving, the favor of God, and timely investments in rental properties, Bishop Sinclair and his wife were able to transition from full time secular jobs into full time positions of ministry. As the call of ministry became more demanding, they sold several of their investment properties but still maintain a few. They aren’t able to be as hands-on as they were at one time, but God has brought great managers to assist them. It’s amazing how the Lord has used this gift for real estate investment for the benefit of the church. In six short years the church has purchased and renovated two shopping centers, a reception hall and approximately 63 acres. They share the ministry pulpit in a unique way that Jesus has given to them. Their heart is to see people experience the life changing transformation that took place in them when Jesus saved their souls. “God is faithful and people are precious to Him. Even despite all of our short comings, He still believes in us and is counting on us. Jesus is worthy of our praise and the devotion of our lives. He’ll give you purpose, direction and honor. There is a place for you at the table with God.” – Ricky and Jeannie Sinclair Visit Bishop Ricky Sinclair’s Official Website Visit Bishop Ricky Sinclair’s Blog